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Thank you very much for your participation in PNMT. Attending a seminar is just the beginning of your journey with PNMT. Learning is an ongoing process, always getting richer and deeper. Our goal is that you attain mastery of this work; mastery is only possible with much study and practice. We hope you will find resources on this page to assist you in the journey. Please let us know if there are areas you wish to explore more.

For those of you interested in our research, please also look at the research section of the PNMT discussion board.

Research Testimonial
Certifcation in PNMT is a process that is meant to deepen your understanding and mastery of the work. To be certified means that you have competence in the work in your hands, your cognitive knowledge, and can create results.

Interested in Certification?
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Our research endeavors are central to what PNMT is all about. We were one of the first groups to begin doing research and have learned much over the years.

Our focus these days is on research that is clinically relevant; research that will affect day to day practice.
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“The research component of PNMT certification is a daunting task to many of us, and for some may be the reason they choose not to certify at all! I truly believe that it was one of the best aspects of my PNMT training.

You do not have to have a tremendous passion for your research topic at the start, the passion will develop as your experience and knowledge expands. To treat a specific joint, muscle, and/or condition over and over, and be able to focus on what you are seeing and how it’s responding to your therapy is the equivalent of years of experience. In fact, because of the focus you may notice trends and responses that you may have never assimilated if those clients had come to you over years instead of months. It is a great learning opportunity, where you get to question current treatment, other therapies and responses in a non-threatening manner, because the results of your study are unknown to everyone involved. It is a great way to introduce PNMT to others and let them get interested in what makes our approach different than any other approach they have experienced in the past. If given the opportunity to work with other healthcare providers in a study, take it!

The confidence you will develop in your clinical abilities and the ability to communicate effectively with other health care practitioners is incredible. You will get a much better feel for what the needs are in your area for neuromuscular therapy and how you can be considered a great referral for many other disciplines. It gives you the opportunity to work with people and learn from people that you may have not been given the chance to work with in your own practice. Use the research as a means to develop yourself professionally, in the end; you will be very thankful for the opportunities this experience has provided for you!”

Barb Yetter, Wisconsin
The process of creating a research study or a series of case studies is not one we want you to do on your own. We will guide you through each step along the way. Make sure to look at the research section of the discussion board. As we have learned much about this process over the years, we can make it much less daunting and improve the outcome to something you will be very proud of! Most importantly, do not look at this as a hoop you must jump through. Those who have completed studies will tell you that it opened new doors of understanding and even enhanced the success of their practice. Choose a project you are truly interested in.

Here are some options for you. . .

* You may wish to join a research study already in progress. In this case, the intake forms and study design are already done. You just need to have specific instructions form the lead therapist on the study.
* You may have a clear idea for some research that you wish to explore. In that case, James will help you set the study design and run it through several research consultants. If you have a passionate question, let's explore it!

When you have some ideas, contact James Ivaska at james@nmtmidwest for guidance.
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