Precision Neuromuscular Therapy
PNMT Seminars
PNMT Core Seminars

Spine and Thorax

Upper Extremity

Lower Extremity

Neck and Head

Form and Function

One Day Seminars (Single day versions of our Core Seminars, except for Kinematics)

Upper Extremity Part #1: The Shoulder

Upper Extremity Part #2: Treating Hand and Arm Pain

The Lower Extremity Part #1: The Hip

Lower Extremity Part #2: The Leg and Foot

PNMT for the Low Back

PNMT for the Thoracic Spine

PNMT Kinematics (our newest seminar)
PNMT Focus Series (Two Day Seminars)

TMJ Intensive (Two days- 14 hours)

Precision Muscular Mobilization
General Information about PMM

* PMM for the Extremities
* PMM for the Spine
* Precision Neural Mobilization
Insight Series- Three Hour Seminars

PNMT Headache Seminar

Mystery of Pain

Stressed: How Chronic Stress Affects Body and Mind
Distance Education

Understanding Whiplash (8 hours)

Spinal Forward Flexion: What are the Norms? (Two hours)

Research Literacy Course (Five hours)
Major Conferences

Colloquium 2013

Colloquium 2011
NMT MidWest
407 Windsor Rd
Champaign, IL 61820
Level Two Seminars
Open to those who have completed and tested over the Core series.
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